The Good Red Earth Soap Company draws inspiration from nature to create natural, quality products that are truly good for your skin.


Our soap is made with pure glycerin, various vegetable oils and butters, and pure essential oils distilled from nature. These oils come from plant parts such as various flowers, leaves, stems, seeds, etc.

 The minimal colour added to our products are derived from natural pigments and we never use dyes, fragrant oils, or synthetic oil blends. Our products are free of artificial ingredients, harsh chemicals, or surfactants which can irritate or even harm the skin.

I woke up and thought yuck, rainy, Monday morning and then as I made my way to the shower I remembered aahh – a Good Red Earth soap to start my day. I used the grapefruit soap and thus the ’fresh’ feeling, so smooth on my skin, I felt awake and ready to go to work. Thanks to you.

Patricia M.